PLF is a pioneering law firm offering HR Administrative Services in Vietnam.

We understand your concerns when investing in Vietnam. Please share your concerns as we want to work with you to resolve the issues you care about.

We want to contribute to the set up, building & growth of your business in Vietnam through our experience, competence & integrity in M&A activities, solution consulting  and operations. Corporate administration includes but is not limited to business creation services , accounting & taxation , administration-personnel & salary , etc.  We really want you to develop stably & successfully in Vietnam.    

More than 90% of Our Clients come from South-east Asia, South Asia, North America, Western Europe, Southern Europe, Northern Europe, New Zealand & Australia. Serving foreign investors over the past 10 years, we have built extensive relationships with many competent state agencies in Vietnam and domestic & foreign organizations including banks, investment funds, securities companies, auditing companies, real estate service companies, asset appraisal companies, etc. This enables us to confidently act as a “bridge”, efficiently help you easily & quickly carry out many complicated administrative procedures in Vietnam and also helps you save a considerable budget in complying with the complex legal system in Vietnam

Let us do it for you!

Historical Development


Restructuring of services to serve business customers.


Began providing more services that business customers need and improving the way services are provided to customers.


Expanded the scale of office space, the number of lawyers and associates and moved the headquarters to the heart of Ho Chi Minh City's financial center in order to create favorable conditions for customers to deal with PLF.