Tax Compliance

What is tax compliance services?

Tax compliance or taxation is one of the most considered complicated part for the company. Especially in Vietnam, the taxation change constantly. When doing business in Vietnam, every company, firm, organization have to comply to the monthly, quarterly and yearly tax obligation. Understanding how the taxation works will take time and effort. 

Our tax compliance include:

  • Register new tax code for client;
  • Preparation Yearly Licensing tax declaration and support online payment;
  • Preparation VAT declaration and assistance with payment of VAT online (if any);
  • Calculate Personal Income Tax (PIT) and support online PIT payment (if any);
  • Calculate Corporate Income Tax (CIT) and support online CIT payment (if any).

How we do it?

The monthly/quarterly/yearly tax compliance will be reviewed to meet the newest regulation before submitting and making tax payment.

By understanding the procedure of the tax department, we can simplify some special cases and save more time.

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