Introducing accounting and tax services

  • Accounting and bookkeeping are two key functions for every business organization. In short, bookkeeping is the recording of financial transactions whereas accounting is the interpretation, classification, analysis and reporting of financial information.
  • Business owners always need bookkeeping and accounting to maintain the stability of the company’s finance. Following accounting principles is also essential to the success of all businesses.
  • Moreover, all businesses must remain tax compliant. As tax regulations in Vietnam are complex, time consuming and often changing, our mission is to advise and assist your business in a timely and cost-effective manner.

Why PLF?

  • Our customer relationship management (“CRM”) and accounting software allow us to control data and workflows for our accounting services.
  • All data remain available at all time for our Clients.
  • As accounting and tax regulations are sometimes difficult to read and understand, PLF’s team will guide you. Keeping track of the financial situation of the company, to protect its “health” is our mission.
  • As a law firm, we provide more than accounting services, and provide to our clients for each specific cases, the perspective of a lawyer.

Accounting Services

Accounting is the process of analyzing financial data. Without accounting, it would be impossible for a business to grow. Accounting involves sorting, retrieving, summarizing and presenting data through external reports and analysis to business owners, shareholders and even the public.

Tax Compliance

Tax compliance or taxation is one of the most considered complicated part for the company. Especially in Vietnam, the taxation change constantly. When doing business in Vietnam, every company, firm, organization have to comply to the monthly, quarterly and yearly tax obligation. Understanding how the taxation works will take time and effort. 


Payroll Services

In modern business environment, payroll process has become very complicated and crucial administrative task. You are not only have to pay the employees in time, but also comply to the Vietnam labor code. Thus, one good way is to leave the “hard job” to us.

We would be delighted to schedule a meeting to provide you with an effective solution.