Capital Markets

The integration with the world has had an unprecedentedly strong impact on all aspects of social life, especially the economy, forcing Vietnam to increase its control over capital markets. This has led to the continuous promulgation of laws regulating the capital market in order to improve the supervision activities from a number of Government agencies in regulating the system of banks and other financial institutions for the capital of foreign investors in Vietnam.

Working for many years with investment funds, Vietnamese and foreign banks from different countries, in various transactions related to capital markets, we understand the capital market in Vietnam and the market regulation policy from the Government more than anyone else, which gives us the opportunity to proactively and flexibly use many solutions for investment activities in Vietnam. We always have effective solutions for you to conduct smoothly and quickly transactions, issuance of securities, bonds, debt trading, capital mobilization through various forms including domestic and international IPOs both and capital injection activities of international financial institutions into the Vietnamese market.

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