Doing business in Vietnam in the time of Covid-19

CORPORATE ARTICLES Doing business in Vietnam in the time of Covid-19 “The novel coronavirus pandemic is significantly impacting the manner in which businesses conduct their operations including business transactions conducted by foreign buyers with Vietnam based companies.” Therefore, increased difficulties

Sectors prohibited from business of foreign investors

CORPORATE ARTICLES Sectors Prohibited From Business Of Foreign Investors “Currently the conditional 267 sectors whose details are specifically listed in the 2014 Investment Law which has taken effect since July 1st 2015. However, concerning the sectors prohibited from business, PLF

To what extent may a foreign investor participate in Vietnam

CORPORATE ARTICLES To What Extend May A Foreign Investor Participate in Vietnam “The 30% restrictions on equity holdings by foreign investors have been relaxed due to Vietnam’s commitments under the World Trade Organization (WTO); yet there are exceptional cases.“ In

How should a foreign-owned company in Vietnam be named?

CORPORATE ARTICLES How Should A Foreign-Owned Company In Vietnam Be Named? “According to the Law on Enterprises (2005), each company’s name must be written in Vietnamese, including foreign enterprise’s name. Foreign owned enterprises should carefully adopt an operating to avoid

Incentives for FDI in Vietnam

CORPORATE ARTICLES Incentives For FDI In Vietnam “Prospective foreign investors in Vietnam should be informed of the investment incentives offered by the Vietnamese government.” Economic Incentives Foreign investors are most typically attracted by the tax incentives for direct investment in

Investment under Business Cooperation Contract

CORPORATE ARTICLES Investment Under Business Cooperation Contract “After terminating a labor contract, the binding responsibilities between employers and workers also end. Former employees working for other enterprises raise the employer’s concern over information confidentiality.“ There is a variety of investments

Rights of investors in Vietnam

CORPORATE ARTICLES Rights Of Investors In Vietnam Investors in Vietnam are entitled to receive basic rights as decreed by the government, including: 1. Autonomy in investment/business: Right to select investment sectors, forms of investment, methods of raising capital, location, scale, co-investors