Part 1: Seal and Legal Representative

Written By PLF Law Firm “2014 Law on Enterprises taking effect from July 1st, 2015 and superseding current Law on Enterprises 2005 regulates material issues in relation to the organization and operation of enterprises. The new provisions on seal and legal representative, among others, are 2 remarkable points which should be paid attention by the

Part 2: Management and organization of a joint stock company

Written By PLF Law Firm “2014 Law on Enterprises (“2014 LOE”) provides with a number of regulations while adopting adequate provisions of 2005 Law on Enterprises (“2005 LOE”). PLF, in addition to its previous legal alert in relation to enterprise’s seal and legal representatives, notes further significant changes in term of management and organization of

Brand restriction in Thailand 2017

Source from LawPlus Ltd Use and advertising of brands with tobacco products (“TP”) and alcoholic beverages (“AB”) are restricted. Advertising of brands with food and food supplement for infants and babies is also restricted. The Tobacco Products Control Act B.E. 2560 (A.D. 2017) (“TPCA”) The TPCA was enacted by the National Legislative Assembly (“NLA”) on

National Legislative Assembly of Thailand approves establishment of Ministry of Digital Economy and Society

Source From LawPlus Ltd The National Legislation Assembly of Thailand (“NLA”) approved a bill (the “Draft Act”) establishing a new Ministry of Digital Economy and Society (“DES”) on 3rd June 2016. The Draft Act will become effective after its publication in the Government Gazette expected by the end of September this year. Under the Draft

Fund marketing in Thailand under the Asean Collective Investment Scheme

Source From LawPlus Ltd The ASEAN Collective Investment Scheme (“ASEAN CIS”) aims at facilitating the crossborder sale of mutual funds across Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand. It was launched on the 25th of August 2014 by Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand and it remains open to the other ASEAN countries to join. It is similar to the UCITS framework

Myanmar opened its broadcasting and TV market

Source From LawPlus Ltd On August 28th 2015, the President U Thein Sein signed the first-ever broadcasting law in Myanmar, opening the television market to the private sector. The Broadcasting Law 2015 (the “BL”) sets up the legal framework for the development of the Myanmar broadcasting industry. Commercial licenses for TV or radio will be available for bidding