Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA)

Written By PLF Law Firm “After terminating a labor contract, the binding responsibilities between employers and workers also end. Former employees working for other enterprises raise the employer’s concern over information confidentiality.” When entering into an employment contract, rights and obligations of employees and employers are governed by such contract and its addendums, company’s regulations,

Off-the-clock occupational accident

Written By PLF Law Firm “Potential accidents may happen to workers of any job. However, it is rather complex to determine which ones are considered work accidents, especially when they arise out of working hours.“ Vietnam Labor Code 2012 stipulates: “Occupational accident is an accident that causes injury to any part and function of the

New regulations on unemployment insurance take effect from January 1st 2015

Written By PLF Law Firm “Expanding the list of participants, amending provisions on conditions to enjoy unemployment allowance and on the level of such allowance, etc., are some of the significant adjustments on the policy of unemployment insurance stipulated in Law on Employment (2013), which will be brought into effect from January 01st, 2015.“ At

Work permit exemption in Vietnam

Written By PLF Law Firm “Labor legislation stipulates cases in which foreign employees need not apply for work permit; one of which is those who are reassigned within an enterprise operating in 11 service sectors under Viet Nam’s service commitments to the World Trade Organization (WTO).“ Accordingly, the scope of 11 service sectors in Viet