What labor law issues may arise following a merger or acquisition in Vietnam?

Written By PLF Law Firm “Following a successful business merger or acquisition in Vietnam, the successor entity will face the new responsibility of managing the employee base. The firm may have to continue to hire, train or retire, transfer or dismiss pre-existing employees.“ Vietnam’s Law on Enterprises provides on-point guidance regarding labor contract obligations following

What is the role of competition law in mergers and acquisitions in Vietnam?

Written By PLF Law Firm “Mergers & acquisitions implicate a variety of legal domains, among the most important of which is competition law.“ The Competition Law of Vietnam (2004) treats M&A’s as forms of economic concentration, including the following manifestations: merger of enterprises, amalgamation of enterprises, acquisition of an enterprise, joint venture between enterprises, and

Vietnam’s Regulations on Overseas Remittance of Profits

Written By PLF Law Firm “Overseas remittance of profits has become one of the most interested issues for foreign investors in Vietnam.“ To create a safe investment environment for foreign investors, Vietnam’s laws guarantee them the right to legally transfer profits abroad after completely discharging their financial obligations to the State of Vietnam as stipulated

What investors need to know when acquiring a Vietnamese enterprise

Written By PLF Law Firm “According to the Law on Investment (2005), investors may carry out direct investment activities via the method of enterprise acquisition. Aside from the benefit of cost and time efficiency, there are other matters worth considering when investors apply such method.“ In regards of legal aspect: The legal framework governing acquisition of