Establishment a 100% Owned Foreign Company

Establishment a 100% Owned Foreign Company​

What is wholly foreign-owned company?

Under the WTO commitments, foreign individuals and/or organizations may own all the capital of a company in Vietnam, which is 100% foreign owned.

We represent you to perform the following tasks:

  • Establish the company: apply for requesting the competent authority in Vietnam to grant the Investment Registration Certificate (IRC) and/or the Enterprise Registration Certificate (ERC)
  • Adjust content of IRC, ERC: (increase or decrease of investment capital, addition or change of business lines or fields of investment, change of investment location, update of investors, legal representatives, change the type of company from Limited Liability Company to Joint-Stock Company or vice versa, …)
  • Extend Investment projects;
  • Terminate Investment projects;
  • Register tax, provide tax services, accounting, labor, bank accounts and other licenses after establishing a company.

How we do it?

  • Our lawyers will discuss with you through our CRM system or phone or email or meet directly to understand your investment requirements and targets in Vietnam;
  • We will provide investment trends, strengths, and limitations of investment locations in Vietnam, expense, the expected time you receive IRC, ERC, other licenses for you to consider making the decision;
  • Our lawyers will recommend a suitable investment model for you including business lines, capital structure, type of company, location of investment and the conditions you need to meet when investing in Vietnam;
  • We will provide a list of documents and legal forms that we have translated from Vietnamese to English for you to prepare to complete the application for licenses (if you agree to use our services);
  • Provide an account for you to access our CRM system to monitor and speed up the process of applying for your licenses;
  • Delivery of licenses to you and provide guidance documents to prepare you to perform the order of work after establishing the company.

We'd love to meet you and let you the perfect solution