Doing Business

Part 1: Seal and Legal Representative

DOING BUSINESS ARTICLES Part 1: Seal And Legal Representative “2014 Law on Enterprises taking effect from July 1st, 2015 and superseding current Law on Enterprises 2005 regulates material issues in relation to the organization and operation of enterprises. The new

Part 2: Management and organization of a joint stock company

DOING BUSINESS ARTICLES Part 2: Management And Organization Of A Joint Stock Company “2014 Law on Enterprises (“2014 LOE”) provides with a number of regulations while adopting adequate provisions of 2005 Law on Enterprises (“2005 LOE”). PLF, in addition to

New law on recruitment of foreigners to work in Thailand

DOING BUSINESS ARTICLES New Law On Recruitment Of Foreigners To Work In Thailand ” On 15th August 2016 the Government of Thailand published in the Government Gazette the Royal Decree on Recruitment of Foreigners B.E. 2559 (A.D. 2016) (the “Royal

Minimum wage rates for skilled workers in Thailand

DOING BUSINESS ARTICLES Minimum Wage Rates For Skilled Workers In Thailand ” On the 10th of August 2016, the Notification on Wage Rates for Skilled Workers According to Skills Standards (No. 5) (the “Notification”) of the National Wage Committee was

Myanmar opened its broadcasting and TV market

DOING BUSINESS ARTICLES Myanmar Opened Its Broadcasting And TV Market ” On August 28th 2015, the President U Thein Sein signed the first-ever broadcasting law in Myanmar, opening the television market to the private sector. The Broadcasting Law 2015 (the

The licensing facilitation act of Thailand

DOING BUSINESS ARTICLES The Licensing Facilitation Act Of Thailand ” The absence of clear procedures and specific deadlines of granting necessary licenses, permits, registrations and notifications to operate a business in Thailand has hampered Thailand’s competitiveness. But the Licensing Facilitation