Draft and Review contracts

Draft and review contract, We believe that there are two kinds of knowledge required to negotiate a contract that meets the need of the Clients:

  • Understanding of the Client’s fields of operation
  • Legal knowledge

We, PLF, always spend 50% of our time to work with our clients. With the use of indispensable skills, PLF’s lawyers pose necessary inquiries to help clients visualize the risks that may occur. Accordingly, our legal knowledge has been applied to search for specific solutions and provisions stated in the contract for the purpose of protecting the interests of the clients.

We not only ensure the legal rights but we are also aware that a contract meeting the international standards will bring about a professional image when working with partners.

Services relating to Contract

Drafting      Reviewing      Translating
Language: English, Vietnamese
With 10 years of experience, PLF’s lawyers are good at negotiating the following contracts:
  • Agreement for the sale of goods
  • Service Provision Agreement
  • Agents Agreement, Brokerage Agreement
  • Labor Agreement, Training Agreement
  • Business Cooperation Contract
  • Principle Agreement
  • Lease Agreement
  • Loan Agreement
  • Public Private Partnerships Agreement
  • Insurance Agreement
  • Share Transfer Agreement
  • Technology Transfer Agreement
  • Outsourcing Agreement
  • Export and Import Agreement
  • Joint Venture Agreement
  • OEM Agreement, ODM Agreement
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