Introducing HR-Admin service

Every company, association, firm all need human resources, employees. Employees relations and compensation are the fundamental steps on how you build a strong, solid business. So, it is very important to find a proper solution handle the needs of your business.

Why choose PLF?

  • HR and payroll can consume you a lots of time and effort. You must have well trained staffs in order to carry on the process of HR and payroll. Using outsource service will save you time and money. Our trained, well-knowledge team will help you solve the “mathematics quiz” more efficiency at less cost;
  • And how about the work permit? It is always considered to be troublesome as well. Not only understanding the law, but also the circumstances of each employee (nationalities, working experiences, degree qualification…), our team can assist you to get the work done;
  • We are a law firm, so that, we not only provide you the HR service, but also give you the view from a lawyer in particular circumstances;
  • We always like to hear and continue to improve our service quality at a reasonable fee to meet the growing expectations of our clients, which are reflected through reputable, international rating agencies: Law 500, Asian Law, IFLR 1000…;

HR-Admin Services

The HR administrative service will be to maintain and update employee records, as well as manage various HR documents and internal databases, such as holiday and leave.

Work Permit Services

Work Permit Services

Work Permit is the permission for foreigners to receive salary for their employment in Vietnam. Without a work permit, foreign individuals are not allowed to work in Vietnam. There are some cases that the foreign individuals do not need the Work Permit to work in Vietnam, it is called Work Permit Exemption.

Labor Compliance

According to Vietnam labor law, every company when use or hire employees in Vietnam, must follow the labor law and the labor compliance. The labor compliance is simply known as statutory insurances, labor usage declaration, establish the trade union.

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