What is labor compliance?

According to Vietnam labor law, every company when use or hire employees in Vietnam, must follow the labor law and the labor compliance. The labor compliance is simply known as statutory insurances, labor usage declaration, establish the trade union.

Legal services:

  • Register the new Social Insurance code for the company;
  • Prepare and submit the reports via online system upon of changing in salary of employees, new hires or leaving;
  • Prepare and submit the required Six-month/ time labor movement reports to local labor authorities;
  • Calculate the monthly social insurance, health insurance and unemployed insurance;
  • Establish the trade union.

How to proceed?

We have experience team who is very familiar with using the online system. The team also keep themselves up to date newest regulations so that we can assist the client in time. We use the checklist as well as work closely with the client in order to make sure we collect all needed information.

A foreign worker must apply for a work permit or work permit exemption certificate to legally work in Vietnam. The permit allows the foreigner to work in a specific position, company and location. Thus, foreigner workers might hold several work permits.

More importantly, the work permit or work permit exemption certificate do not exempt foreigners to obtain a visa or a temporary resident card.

There are several personal income tax rates which depend on the kinds of personal income such as:

  • monthly wages with progressive rates ranging from 5% to 35%;
  • income from capital investment with a fixed rate of 5%;
  • income from real estate transfer with rates of 2% or 25% depending on the case.

It is mandatory for all companies to have at least one of its legal representatives in Vietnam at all time; however, the legal representative does not need to be a permanent resident in Vietnam.

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