Work Permit Services

What is Work Permit?

Work Permit is the permission for foreigners to receive salary for their employment in Vietnam. Without a work permit, foreign individuals are not allowed to work in Vietnam. There are some cases that the foreign individuals do not need the Work Permit to work in Vietnam, it is called Work Permit Exemption.

There are many categories for the Work Permit and the requirements for each category are also different. We can understand the categories is known as Experts, Specialists and Executives

Our Work Permit service include:

  • Advice foreigner individuals whether they need a Work Permit or not;
  • Advice foreigner individuals what documents are required;
  • Advice foreigner individuals the procedures of Work Permit application within specific areas in Vietnam;
  • Submit the required documents on behalf of customers.

How we do it?

We have strong network in related departments, so that we are able to help the clients as fast as possible. We also have the list of restricted nationalities that are unable to apply for the Work Permit.

We'd love to meet you and let you the perfect solution