Intellectual Property


How to Protect Trademarks and Trade Names Effectively

INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY ARTICLES How to Protect Trademarks and Trade Names Effectively “The strong development of the world economy in recent years has been followed by the integration of enterprises, with the expansion of business activities to other countries, businesses have

How are trade secrets protected in Vietnam?

INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY ARTICLES How Are Trade Secrets Protected In Vietnam? “A trade secret is highly confidential and sensitive information entrusted only to a select group of individuals within a company. A company may suffer significant economic injury if its trade

Employer and employee: Who owns the invention?

INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY ARTICLES Employer And Employee: Who Owns The Invention? “An employer (in the scope of this article, PLF will only make mention of the employers being enterprises) and an employee are bound by a labor contract. In this contractual

Copyright protection on the Internet

INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY ARTICLES Copyright Protection On The Internet “The acts of copying and cropping the contents of articles, images and videos that have been posted on the official websites of the organizations or individuals might be subject to administrative sanctions