Intellectual Property

Introducing Intellectual Property Services

Intellectual property rights (“IP rights”) are key assets to all companies. Protecting them in Vietnam has always been a challenge because of the limitations of the local legal system. The protection of intellectual property rights is still insufficient and the sense of respect for intellectual property rights is not high. However, intellectual property rights can be secured by establishing a detailed legal strategy and plan and secure your best interests

Why choose PLF?

  • Founded in 2009, PLF Law Firm became one of the most recognized law firms in Vietnam. Its success has notably been achieved by assisting foreign investors (90% of our clients) to navigate within Vietnam’s complex legal framework, to minimize legal risks and to always stay ahead of changes in the law.
  • Among PLF’s outstanding strengths, it is worth mentioning its strong relationships with governmental agencies in Vietnam and its ability to provide effective solutions in the fastest way.
  • Likewise, we partner with leading advisors and service providers to deliver complete and tailored solutions to our clients.
  • Our Clients can define their requirements, supervise, and evaluate the progress through PLF’s CRM system. Most payment methods are available (cash, bank transfer, credit card, PayPal).

Trademark Registration

A trademark is a sign expressed in one or more colours such as words, images or a combination of both, used to distinguish goods or services of different organizations and individuals.

Intellectual Property
Intellectual Property

Industrial Design

Industrial design is the outside appearance of a product, expressed in shapes, lines, colours or a combination of these factors, used to distinguish goods from different organizations and individuals.


Copyrights are the intellectual property rights of the organizations and individuals on works they have created such as computer programs, products, packaging images, music, writings or photography.

Intellectual Property

Patent Registration

A patent means an exclusive IP right granted for an invention, being a product or a process providing a new way of doing something or a new technical solution to a problem.

Technology Transfer

Technology transfer is the transfer of ownership or the transfer of the using right of a technology, such as a solution, a process or a know-how between individuals or organizations.

Intellectual Property

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