Industrial Design

What is the industrial design?

Industrial design is the outside appearance of a product, expressed in shapes, lines, colours or a combination of these factors, used to distinguish goods from different organizations and individuals.

Our industrial design services notably include:

  • Confirm the feasibility of the industrial design registration;
  • Advise on the requirements of the industrial design images or photos;
  • Describe the design to highlight what makes it unique;
  • Register the industrial design in Vietnam and/or internationally;
  • Advise on the transfer of the registered industrial design and draft all related documents (e.g. contract for the transfer of IP rights);
  • Adjust the owner’s information on the protection titles or applications;
  • Extend the validity of the industrial design protection titles;
  • Represent clients to protest, complaint or cancel the validation of protection titles;
  • Work with related agencies to request organizations or individuals to stop any IP rights infringement.

How to register your industrial design?

  • Contact us via phone, email or create a CRM account to define the required services with our lawyers.
  • Whenever possible we will meet in person to define your legal strategy in depth.
  • Our legal services will notably include our advisory on the feasibility of the industrial design registration, on the images or photos, on the description of the industrial design; and on how to identify the groups of products/services to be registered and best protect your IP rights.
  • During the registration process, we will assist you to liaise with the authorities and reply to their inquiries and refusal (if any).
  • We will provide you with the list of required information and documents, as well as the application dossier drafted and translated by us in Vietnamese and English languages.
  • At any time, you can access the CRM system to manage and keep a track of your legal services.

We'd love to meet you and let you the perfect solution