Buy, Invest in or Cooperate with a business in Vietnam (M&A)

Our 4 stages to help you to successfully perform a transaction 

1. Consultancy
2. Searching…
3. Due diligence
4. Performing…

1 – Consultancy

“Preparation is a key to success”. At the first stage, PLF provides an overview on the issues that you might face before and after performing a transaction, our experience from cases that we have done and how to protect your benefits.

Categorizes of consultation:
  • Process and conditions to purchase, invest in or cooperate with a business in Vietnam
  • Investment incentive policies to be applied to your business sector and location of investment.
  • Rights and responsibilities of members or shareholders
  • Taxes to be applied to your business
  • Benefits from Trade Agreements such as TPP, WTO, AFTA
  • Legal compliance after the establishment
  • Regulations on business activities in Vietnam
  • Rental and purchase of real estate in Vietnam
  • Intellectual property rights protection
  • Legal obligations to clients, partners, and employees
  • Transfer of profits abroad

2 – Searching for business partners in Vietnam

You might easily search for a number of businesses for sale on the internet. However, such businesses for sale are often not in a good condition. PLF does not only look for the businesses that are for sale, we also find the businesses that have the potential to grow in line with your business goals.

3 – Due Diligence

In order to precisely assess the potential of a business which you intend to purchase, invest in and cooperate with, due diligence is an important step that experienced investors should not overlook.

Several tasks relating to due diligence that PLF will perform:

  • Access the risks of the contracts that the companies have signed with their partners, clients or internal contracts.
  • Verify the ownership and lawful use of assets such as land, factories, equipment, machinery, etc.
  • Check the legal compliance of the companies in their production and business activities
  • Identify the intellectual property rights of the companies
  • Figure out whether the companies are encountering internal disputes, or disputes with their partners, state agencies, etc.
  • Labor policy: recruitment, training, benefits, …
  • Check the transparency of financial, tax and accounting matters.

PLF will not try to have you complete the transaction, but help you to make the right decision instead to ensure your rights and sometimes the right decision would be a decision “to withdraw”.

4 – Performing Transaction and Invest

On your behalf, PLF will perform all the necessary legal tasks for the companies to be put into operation as soon as possible.

The tasks that PLF will perform  include:

  • Prepare the employment plan
  • Represent and work with the stakeholders such as banks, investment funds, auditing firms, valuation association, state agencies, and business partners, etc.
  • Draft transfer agreement, investment agreement and cooperation agreement
  • Implement legal procedures
You can request PLF to perform one or all of the above-mentioned services based on your need. Please contact PLF for more details.