Legal Translation


“The translation using the non-unified language compared to the domestic regulations and international regulations may be rejected by the competent authorities. It may cause the risk of arising disputes, and the loss of benefits of the enterprises.”


Advantages of legal translation service of PLF

  • The translators are the team of lawyers and specialists who are fluent in English. 
  • Having at least 2 translators participating in translation and cross-checking to ensure the accuracy of the translation.
  • Using the international legal terms dictionary – Black’s Law Dictionary to standardize the translation.


  • Legal translation from the original (with notarization)
  • Amendment & Legal Translation (without notarization)
  • Translation

Which documents should be legally translated?

In general, documents with foreign elements will need legal translation. These documents include, but are not limited to the following types:

Types of contracts
  • Business Cooperation contract
  • Labor contract
  • Commodity trading contracts
  • Service contract
  • Import-export contract
  • Processing contract
  • Contract on transfer of capital and shares
  • Construction, land, real estate purchase contract
  • Technology transfer contract
Legal documents relevant to the business activities of enterprises
  • Law
  • Decree
  • Circular
Internal documents of enterprises
  • Minutes of the general meeting of shareholders
  • Collective Bargaining Agreement
  • Internal rules and regulations
  • Charter
  • Form
Documents provided upon the competent authorities’ request:
  • Financial statement
  • Enterprise registration certificate, investment registration certificate
  • Appointment decision, power of attorney
  • Certificates, degrees
  • Dossiers evidencing the investor’s capacity and experience


Service fee will be charge

  • Based on number of words
  • Based on number of pages
  • Based on the spent hours

Should you need further information, please contact us via phone number: +84 28 38 21 21 61 or send us an email to

PLF will send you a Commitment to Non- Disclosure to ensure the confidentiality all documents provided by the Client.