Corporate - M&A

Globalization is happening at a very fast pace, forcing businesses to adapt in order to survive and develop. One of the fastest way to change is to undergo a merger and acquisition (“M&A”) process. However, M&A deals always contain many risks due to hidden internal problems of each party and of the degree of rapid integration between the parties once the M&A deal is closed, especially for cross-border M&A, where enterprises face different business practices and legal systems. The difference of legal systems is one of the main reason of post-deal failure and enterprises should consider it carefully.

We understand the difficulties and can assist in all stages of M&A deals; from preparation to restructuring; to transferring or assessing the legal and financial capacity of the seller; or even negotiating the deal between the enterprises, local or foreign alike.

Through many years of practice in many business areas such as services, retail, manufacturing, food & beverage, hospitality or technology, we understand the core needs of each of the parties in the transaction. When needed, we know how to maintain harmonious benefits between the parties to quickly bring new businesses into operations.

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