Mrs. Hua Thi Minh Thu (Hana) is currently an Admin at PLF and works at the office in Ho Chi Minh City. She has worked for a long time in foreign businesses with the main job-roles of performing administrative tasks and labor management. She joined PLF in 2019 and is currently in charge of administrative work for clients, supervising internal compliance of clients and worked on behalf of clients to help them manage labor.

Professional Expertise

Having done administrative work and labor-management of many foreign businesses in Vietnam, Mrs. Hana is highly appreciated for her scientific experience in arranging daily administrative activities as well as helping clients comply with the regulations of the management agency by fully complying with the company’s reports.

After working as a human resource manager in foreign companies in many different fields for a long time, Mrs. Hana understands how to arrange and utilize Human Resource in different companies. So, she helps clients to monitor and manage the labor issues of businesses from building processes and forms to internal management documents.

Notable Cases

  • Advised and acted to support a client who is a company in the US to build labor-management mechanisms and supervise compliance for subsidiaries in Vietnam operating in the textile sector.
  • Directly advised and developed a set of operating procedures among divisions of a Thai invested company operating in ancillary industries.
  • Advised and sent periodic reports to the investment management agency and the Bank for a Japanese capital company operating in the field of software related to investment and foreign loans.
  • Directly built the pay scale, payroll and financial regulations for a company with French capital operating in the field of consultancy.


Bachelor of Griggs University, Business Administration (2013)


  • Vietnamese
  • English

Thu Hua (Hana)

Communications Administrator
+84962 624 426

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