Minimum Wage Rates For Skilled Workers In Thailand

Minimum wage rates for skilled workers in Thailand

” On the 10th of August 2016, the Notification on Wage Rates for Skilled Workers According to Skills Standards (No. 5) (the “Notification”) of the National Wage Committee was published in the Government Gazette. The Notification will become effective after the period of 90 days from 10th August 2016.”

The Notification has increased the new minimum wage rates for skilled workers between THB340 per day and THB550 per day, depending on their levels of skills and experience, for skilled workers in 20 professional branches of 5 industries as follows:-

  1. Electrical and electronics industry
  2. Parts and spare parts of motor vehicles industry
  3. Motor vehicle industry
  4. Jewelry industry
  5. Logistics Industry.

Employers who fail to pay wages at least a the minimum rates specified in the Notification are liable for imprisonment up of six months or a fine up to THB100,000, or both.

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