Biographical Summary

Mr. Bui Cong Thanh was originally a trader like his mother, in charge of the family’s agricultural goods business in South Vietnam from the early 1990s. At the same time, he graduated commercial accounting from the Central College of Commerce.

From 1993, he stated to manage a family-owned factory specialized in high-end cosmetics. Despite his busy businesses, but with a burning dream of working in the legal sector like his father, he continued to study at Ho Chi Minh City University of Law to become a lawyer.

During his law school time, he was still in charge of the family’s businesses and made good use of his legal training to manage them. He also used his legal knowledge to actively support organizations performing social works and participate in law dissemination.

From 2000 to 2005, he joined a law office in Ho Chi Minh City as an assistant to the Chief of Office, consulting on litigation and representing in front of courts of all levels related to the fields of labor and taxation. Then in 2005 until 2007, he worked for a consulting company providing investment & trading solutions, where he was able to participate in many business transactions involving transborder transactions, implementing foreign investment projects in many sectors such as retailing, manufacturing, technology, hospitality or food & beverage.

In 2007, he joined a prestigious law firm in Ho Chi Minh City as an Managing Partner. There, Mr. Bui Cong Thanh was in charge of taxation, labor, intellectual property and real estate, primarily assisting foreign traders in Vietnam. He had the opportunity to gain experience on M&A transactions, offering practical and effective solutions to smoothly deploy investment projects in Vietnam.

In 2009, he founded PLF Law Firm with the desire to bridge the different legal understandings, connecting diverse business practices and cultures. From the early days of the establishment until now, he has devoted his knowledge to foreign investors in Vietnam to help them understand and integrate the Vietnamese’s business and legal culture. With the empathy and sympathy for the difficulties faced by foreign traders, he has been able to offer practical solutions tailored for entrepreneurs, with a special focus on overcoming the initial difficulties and gradually build and grow their businesses successfully.

For more than 10 years as Managing Partner, Mr. Bui Cong Thanh and PLF Law Firm have always strived to meet the clients’ requirements and specificities.

Professional Expertise

Mr. Bui Cong Thanh is highly regarded for his knowledge and understanding of Vietnam’s laws and foreign investment. He is notably practicing in the commercial, real estate and M&A sectors, for enterprises operating in the sectors of services, retailing, manufacturing, technology, health care, food & beverage. For more than 20 years, he has helped countless investors from countries such as Japan, Korea, China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Australia, USA, Germany, France, Italy, UK…

Significant cases

  • Supplementing the right to import, export and distribute goods of Agrimatco Joint Stock Company – Cyprus, Mediterranean.
  • Participating in resolving labor disputes between Taiwan Pou Yuen Company and more than 80,000 employees.
  • Advising on promotional activities for the exclusive distributor of Hitachi hard drives – McTech.
  • Representing Pacific Silver Company in Hong Kong to negotiate to acquire wool factory in Tien Giang.
  • Protecting Construction Company 14.9 from great losses.
  • Advising Evolable Asia Consulting to receive foreign investment.
  • Refund value added tax and reduce import and export taxes to the lowest level for Tex Zipper India.
  • Advising Global Cyber Soft Company and Hitachi on their post M&A integration.
  • Advising UL Consulting – The world’s leading testing group in Vietnam to establish an international standard laboratory in Vietnam worth more than USD 3 million.
  • Advising Global CyberSoft Vietnam to retail software for large-scale enterprises in Vietnam worth USD 1-3 million per contract.
  • Advising Schade – Germany, leading heavy industry group in Vietnam, to sell heavy industrial equipment to Fomosa steel smelting factory worth € 16 million, and € 1.6 million tax refund from this deal. The company also asked PLF for legal advice during its operation from 2015 to the present.
  • Advising TEX – The world’s largest zipper manufacturer to open a factory in Vietnam worth USD 3 million, and providing legal advice during the operation of this company in Vietnam from 2015 to the present.
  • Advising Khai Hoan – The leading manufacturer of medical gloves in Vietnam to export to foreign countries with the total value of USD 40 million per year from 2015 to the present.
  • Representing Khai Hoan for the implementation and completion of a USD 1.5 million wastewater treatment system
  • Advising Khai Hoan to build a third glove factory worth USD 7 million.
  • Advising Viet Gloves Company to build a factory producing medical products and gloves worth USD 10 million and providing legal advice during the operation of this company in Vietnam from 2015 to the present.
  • Advising Siam Brother – Thailand’s leading rope manufacturer, in Vietnam, to sell shares to Smart Investment Company worth USD 5 million.
  • Advising on restructuring this capital for IPO.
  • Advising Wefly Poland to invest USD 600,000 in Vietnam’s leading online flight booking system – Avia.
  • Advisisng Global CyberSoft Vietnam Consulting to transfer USD 4 million of profits abroad.
  • Advising Shinsung Eng – Korea’s leading energy group, to invest in establishing a USD 2 million energy project in Vietnam.
  • Advising Cat Thai – a rare company in Vietnam which is capable of producing electronic components leading corporations in Japan & Korea., Total value of USD 25 million per year.
  • Advising Cat Thai to establish a new joint venture with Singaporean investor valued at USD 500,000.
  • Advising the structure of $ 3 million capital of Nam Do Rubber Company.

Professional Associations

Vietnam Business Lawyers Club (VBLC)


Ho Chi Minh City Bar Association

Vietnam Bar Federation


College of Commerce, in Commercial Accounting (1992)

Ho Chi Minh City University of Law, in International Law (1999) 

Ho Chi Minh City Open University, in English (2007)




Bui Cong Thanh

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