Ms. Hoa Nguyen is currently a Senior Associate at PLF Law Firm in Ho Chi Minh city, Vietnam. After many years of working at various organizations as the in-charge of labor and taxes, she joined PLF Law Firm in 2011. At PLF, she was in-charge of labor, litigation, contracts and taxes. In 2016, she was appointed as the Head of PLF’s labor, tax and litigation division which made her responsible for overseeing the activities of legal services to most of PLF’s foreign clients.

Professional Expertise

Ms. Hoa Nguyen has extensive knowledge and practical experience in resolving disputes in legal proceedings in Vietnam. She is also active and knowledgeable about all aspects of tax; especially the issues of tax incentives, cross-border tax obligations in M&A and corporate restructuring. Having been in charge of labor for many years and having worked with many human resources departments of clients, she has an understanding of the core issues of corporate personnel. This made the legal solutions regarding labor which were proposed by her receive client’s satisfaction consistently. She has a big advantage in the field of Contracts because of her experience in exposure to many types of contracts in many different fields.

Notable Cases

  • Representing and acting on behalf of a Vietnamese company dealing with pharmaceutical products in a lawsuit against a Bank with a dispute value of more than USD 1 million.
  • Representing and acting on behalf of a company in Vietnam that has 90% of its capital from an investor who is a U.S citizen operating in the forestry production field, in a lawsuit with the company’s manager in which the disputed amount valued at nearly 2 million USD.
  • Participated in resolving a lawsuit on compensation for damages in the process of transporting goods between a logistics company in Vietnam and a Taiwanese logistics company belonging to a multinational transport corporation, in which the compensation claim valued at over 3 million USD.
  • Consulting and representing clients who are textile and garment companies in Vietnam in an M&A deal with real estate groups and banks which valued at over 23 million USD.
  • Consulting and representing clients who are organizations operating in Vietnam in the field of education related to the contract of construction investment. Transfer (BT) between customers and other party which is an inter-organization. The list is between a construction company and a financial investment company in which the transaction is worth nearly 4 million USD and there is exchange of land.
  • Consulting and representing a company with capital from an American operating in the software field to negotiate and terminate the Labor Contract with more than 300 information technology engineers.
  • Providing consultancy and negotiating to resolve labor disputes of customers (who are companies with investments from Thailand) operating hotel and restaurant business with the other party which comprised of foreign individuals holding management positions, which valued at nearly 1 million USD.
  • Providing solutions for the client who is a Japanese Company operating in the field of information technology to solve the problem of avoiding double taxation for a series of employees working in Japan, the United States and Singapore.
  • Served as the main consultant in the field of taxation & labor for companies in the field of information technology which are 100% owned by US nationals with continuous consultation from 2011 to present date.
  • Held consultancy position on contracts, taxes & labor from 2015 to present date for the system of more than 05 subsidiaries in Vietnam of a corporation with Thai nationality operating in supporting industries, real estate & software.
  • Providing consultancy and acting on behalf of clients who are a Vietnamese Company operating in the field of glove manufacturing, related to the contracts to sell products in the markets of Europe and America with a value up to several million USD.
  • Providing solutions and actions on behalf of customers who are a state-owned company in the case of a turnkey contract regarding the environmental waste treatment system, with the contract value of nearly 3 million USD.

Professional Associations

Vietnam Tax Consultants’ Association


Vietnam Bar Federation

Ho Chi Minh City Bar Association


Bachelor of Criminal Law, Ho Chi Minh City University of Law (2009)



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