Ms. Nguyen Phuong Thuy Linh is currently a lawyer at PLF and works remotely in Melbourne, Australia. Prior to joining PLF, she had spent a long time working in the migration field in both Australia and Vietnam. Ms. Linh joined PLF in 2020 and during her time at PLF, she has been in charge of PLF’s service in investment, activities of enterprises, commerce, contracts, immigration, franchise to domestic and foreign clients from the United States, Australia, Hong Kong, Korea, Singapore, India, Lithuania, and Bahamas.

Professional Expertise

 Ms. Linh has developed extensive knowledge and practical experience through many years of studying and working in both Australia and Vietnam. Working in different industries and fields between the common law system and civil law system in these both countries, Ms. Linh has great advantages to be able to approach and understand the requirements and challenges of foreign enterprises when investing and doing business in Vietnam’s market as well as capacity for troubleshooting legal issues for foreign investors.

Notable Cases

  • Advising, implementing and acting on behalf of clients who were American, Bahamian-  trading companies based on America and Bahamas in the field of related to dealing matter of commercial transaction of Gloves for clients and companies from America and Bahamas.  
  • Advising and carrying out procedures for commercial franchise registration into Vietnam for a franchise company in Korea.
  • Advising and implementing to help clients from Hong Kong, Lithuania invest and establish a 100% Owned Foreign Company into Vietnam.
  • In-house counsel for labour, immigration, contracts, for a local logistic, commercial company and immigration agency in Vietnam.    
  • Provided solutions and implemented a Corporate Secretary Service for foreign corporations which are based on American and have representatives in Vietnam.


Vietnam Bar Federation

Ho Chi Minh City Bar Association


Bachelor of Laws, Ho Chi Minh City University of Law (2010)

Master of International Law, La Trobe University, Melbourne, Australia (2013)

Master of International Business, La Trobe University, Melbourne, Australia (2016)




Nguyen Phuong Thuy Linh