Post Licensing

Introducing Post Licensing

The operations of the company can start when its main licenses including the Enterprise Registration Certificate (ERC) and the Investment Registration Certificate (IRC) have been granted or adjusted. However, some business sectors can be subject to further sub-licensing requirements or some procedures can be required during the operations of the company. Obtaining the required sub-licenses is mandatory before operating the related business sectors to avoid any liability, administrative fines or even the suspension of the company.

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Trading Licensing ​

The trading license is granted by the Department of Industry and Trade and in some special cases, an approval from the Ministry of Industry and Trade can be required.

Post Licensing
Post Licensing

Website Registration​

Every website and mobile application used to display, promote or provide a company’s goods or services to the Vietnamese market must be approved by the Department of Industry and Trade (“DOIT”) through the procedures of notification or registration of the website or mobile application.

Food Safety & Hygiene

Before going into the food and beverage industry, your company needs to be certified by the competent authority to meet the conditions of food safety and hygiene, through the issuance of a certificate of food safety conditions.

We represent you to perform the following tasks:

  • Request to be granted the certificate of food safety conditions;
  • Adjust, reissue the certificate of food safety conditions.
Post Licensing
Post Licensing

Registration of Foreign Loans

When a company established in Vietnam borrows money from an organization in a foreign country, the loan is considered as an offshore loan. The State Bank of Vietnam (“SBV”) controls offshore loans as a part of its control on foreign currency exchange.

Alcohol License

Vietnamese laws provide for 4 different licenses to trade alcohol:

  • “sale of alcohol for on-premises consumption”
  • Level2
  • Level3
  • Level4

Companies planning to distribute or produce alcohol must obtain the authorities’ approval by applying for the relevant alcohol trading license.

Post Licensing

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