Register the Trading License

All the enterprises with foreign investment (even if only 1%) that would like to implement goods trading in Vietnam shall need to register for the trading license in accordance with the laws.

Obstacles when registering for the trading license

  • Draft of dossiers in compliance with statutory format of the governmental authorities
  • Explanation for implement action of distribution right
  • Proof of professional and finance capacity
  • Conditions for commodities trading are  prescribed in plenty regulations and international commitments
  • Dossiers being approved by many authorities from local to central
  • Time and cost consuming

More than 80% of PLF’s clients are foreign-invested enterprises. We have successfully performed many complicated cases in relation with the registration of the trading license.
If you previously did not have any experiences in the above-mentioned procedures, let us help you with the registration for the trading license in the best way.

3 steps to obtain the trading license

  1. Contact PLF: +8428 3821 2161;
  2. PLF will perform all the legal procedures on your behalf
  3. Obtain your license and start to expand your market