6 Notes on Corporate Income Tax Reduction Payable in 2020

TAX ARTICLES 6 Notes on Corporate Income Tax Reduction Payable in 2020 “Looking back on 2020, the COVID-19  pandemic has been strongly impacting the world economy, breaking the global supply chain, businesses becoming on the threshold of bankruptcy, only very

What constitutes criminal tax evasion in Vietnam?

TAX ARTICLES What Constitutes Criminal Tax Evasion In Vietnam? “Tax obligations often significantly burden businesses operating in Vietnam. To maximize profit, companies will often seek out ways to avoid mandatory tax payments. Vietnamese law enforcement is beginning to vigorously monitor

Value Added Tax in Vietnam

TAX ARTICLES Value Added Tax In Vietnam “What is the Value Added Tax (VAT)? The Government of Vietnam applies a Value Added Tax (VAT) on the consumption of goods and services in Vietnam. The law on VAT was recently amended,

Taxes in Processing Activity in Vietnam

TAX ARTICLES Taxes In Processing Activity In Vietnam “Tax regulations are one of the many issues foreign investors concern about when investing or outsourcing in Viet Nam. Therefore, it can be said that tax policies greatly affect the decision of

Vietnamese tax incentives on corporate income tax in software sector

TAX ARTICLES Vietnamese Tax Incentives On Corporate Income Tax In Software Sector “To encourage and facilitate the development of software industry, Vietnam Government has special incentives on corporate income tax (CIT) for enterprises operating in this industry such as: preferential

VAT calculation methods for newly established enterprises in Vietnam

TAX ARTICLES VAT Calculation Methods For Newly Established Enterprises In Vietnam “Newly established enterprises and branches should give heed to matters concerning value added tax (VAT) calculation method, when to apply deduction method, and registration for voluntary application of tax

Vietnam’s Tax incentives for investment projects in difficulty

TAX ARTICLES Vietnam’s Tax Incentives For Investment Projects In Difficulty “Sixty-day deferral of Value Added Tax payment on importation and Value Added Tax refund are the tax incentives Viet Nam applies to investment projects facing objective financial problems.” The following