Advantages and limitations of each type of business entity in Vietnam

TRADE ARTICLES Advantages And Limitations Of Each Type Of Business Enity In Vietnam “According the Vietnam Law on Enterprises, there are four common types of business entity at present: private enterprises, partnerships, joint stock companies, limited liability companies (multi-member limited

Commercial remedies in Vietnam

TRADE ARTICLES Commercial Remedies In Vietnam “In commercial activities, agreements between parties are often recorded in a contract. Although the parties are legally obliged to comply fully with the contract, breach of such contract may happen regardless of intentionally or

Synthesis of Vietnamese regulations on wages

TRADE ARTICLES Synthesis Of Vietnamese Regulations On Wages “Paying wages to employees is one of the most basic obligations of the employer. However in principle, forms of wage payment as well as payroll calculation methods in several cases still often

Legal value of digital signature in Viet Nam

TRADE ARTICLES Legal Value Of Digital Signature In Vietnam “Enterprises and organizations may utilise digital signature to implement the procedures for electronic taxation and customs, etc., in order to save time and effort while guaranteeing the legal value.” What consitutes

Consequences for violating sales promotion laws

TRADE ARTICLES Consequences For Violating Sales Promotion Laws “Enterprises conducting acts of violation while engaging in promotional activities may face administrative penalties and/or additional sanctions, requirement to take remedial measures, or suspension of promotional activities depending on the severity of

Criteria for evaluating hi-tech enterprises in Viet Nam

TRADE ARTICLES Criteria For Evaluting Hi-Tech Enterprises In Vietnam “Enterprise revenue, average total expenditure, number of workers, etc. are some of the new regulations on the conditions to become a hi-tech enterprise.” The existing 2014 Investment Law and Decision No.