Privacy Policy and Personal Data Processing Policy (the ‘Policy‘) is implemented by PLF Law Firm.

Scope and Applicability

This policy describes the activities and procedures that PLF uses to process the personal data of customers, potential customers, suppliers, and other third parties (collectively referred to as ‘You‘) through PLF’s electronic transaction channels. To avoid any confusion, this policy only applies to individuals and organizations with legal requirements and consent to process personal data.

This policy is an integral part of any contracts, service proposals, agreements, terms, and conditions binding PLF and You (if applicable). PLF encourages You to carefully read and regularly update any changes that PLF may implement in accordance with the terms of this policy.

Explanation of Terms

2.1. ‘Personal data’ means information in the form of symbols, writing, numbers, images, sounds, or similar formats in the electronic environment linked to a specific person or helping to identify a specific person. Personal data includes basic personal data and sensitive personal data.

2.2. ‘Basic personal data’ includes:

a) First name, middle name, and last name, alias (if any);
b) Date of birth, date of death or disappearance;
c) Gender;
d) Place of birth, place of birth registration, place of permanent residence, temporary residence, current address, hometown, contact address;
e) Nationality;
f) Personal image;
g) Phone number, identity card number, personal identification number, passport number, driver’s license number, vehicle registration number, personal tax number, social insurance number, health insurance card number;
h) Marital status;
i) Information about family relationships (parents, children);
j) Information about an individual’s account; personal data reflecting online activities, online activity history;
k) Other information linked to a specific person or helping to identify a specific person that does not fall under sensitive personal data.
l) Other data as required by current laws.

2.3. ‘Sensitive personal data’ includes:

a) Political opinions, religious beliefs;
b) Health and personal life information recorded in medical records, excluding blood type information;
c) Information related to ethnic origin, nationality;
d) Information about inherited or acquired genetic characteristics of individuals;
e) Information about the physical attributes and biological characteristics of individuals;
f) Information about the sexual life, sexual orientation of individuals;
g) Data on criminal activities, criminal offenses collected and stored by law enforcement agencies;
h) Customer information of credit institutions, foreign bank branches, intermediary payment service organizations, and other legally authorized organizations, including customer identification information as prescribed by law, information about accounts, deposit information, property deposit information, transaction information, information about organizations, individuals acting as collateral in credit institutions, bank branches, and intermediary payment service organizations;
i) Data about an individual’s location determined through location-based services;
j) Other personal data as stipulated by current law.

2.4. ‘Processing personal data’ is one or more actions that affect personal data, such as collection, recording, analysis, confirmation, storage, modification, public disclosure, combination, access, retrieval, withdrawal, encoding, decoding, copying, sharing, transmission, provision, transfer, deletion, personal data erasure, or related actions.

2.5. ‘Third party’ refers to organizations and individuals other than You and PLF, authorized to process personal data.

2.6. ‘Personal data protection’ is the prevention, detection, prevention, and handling of violations related to personal data in accordance with legal regulations.

2.7. ‘PLF’s electronic transaction channels’ include electronic transaction channels such as, Zalo, Viber, WhatsApp, via email, or other electronic transaction channels designated by PLF to be conducted by its personnel.

Purposes of Personal Data Processing

3.1. You agree to allow PLF to process Your personal data for the following purposes:

a) Assist You in using PLF’s services;
b) To provide services as requested in contracts, service proposals, agreements, commitments between PLF and You;
c) To meet Your service requirements;
d) Perform customer care activities and post-service policies;
e) To manage commitments, agreements with You, and provide related marketing and advertising materials;
f) To operate, manage, maintain, or improve service quality through measurement, analysis, or other activities to enhance Your experience.
g) Prevent fraud, unauthorized activities, ensure public security and labor safety.
h) To have a basis for establishing, enforcing rights as prescribed by law, or handling complaints;
i) Conduct inspections, investigate incidents that occur;
j) Comply with current legal regulations and industry standards;
k) Other purposes that PLF has informed You at the time of data collection.

3.2. Before using Your personal data for purposes not mentioned in Article 3.1, PLF will seek your consent.

Methods of Personal Data Collection

Your personal data is collected through the following methods:

4.1. Directly from You through various means when:

a) You send requests, fill out forms;

b) You interact with PLF staff via phone, letters, in-person meetings, emails, social media interactions, or PLF’s Electronic Transaction Channels;

c) During the provision of PLF services;

d) You seek support, quotations, or other requests from PLF.

4.2. From third parties authorized to process your personal data: In accordance with their privacy policies.

4.3. From competent authorities when PLF complies with its legal obligations.

4.4. PLF ensures that the collection of your personal data and related parties complies with legal regulations in the following cases:

a) Video footage from surveillance cameras (CCTV), cameras for purposes as stated in Article 3.1. b) Respect for and protection of the personal data of children. Accordingly, PLF may request the consent of children, guardians, or legal representatives of children before collecting children’s personal data.

Personal Data Security

5.1. PLF is responsible for safeguarding your personal data according to the commitment not to disclose or according to PLF’s privacy policy, ensuring that it does not interfere with Your legal rights and interests to the extent possible. However, PLF may share Your personal data with third parties for the purpose of analysis, statistics, or other activities as specified in Article 3.1. In addition, PLF will provide your personal data when required by competent authorities. PLF recommends that data transmission through PLF’s Electronic Transaction Channels on the internet may not be secure and may be subject to unauthorized access and related responsibilities that PLF cannot prevent.

5.2. You are responsible for protecting and preventing unauthorized access to your account, your information, and Your password used during access and activities through PLF’s Electronic Transaction Channels. You agree not to disclose Your password to any third party and are responsible for the use of your personal account, whether You allow such use or not. You must immediately notify PLF of any unauthorized use of your account.

General Requests for you

6.1. When creating an account on our website, You are considered to have agreed to receive emails from PLF, such as newsletters, special offers, reminders, and account updates.

6.2. In cases where PLF and You have agreements, contracts, or service proposals, updating personal data is Your responsibility at all times. Additionally, PLF may make requests for updating and supplementing Your personal data to serve the provision of services upon request.

6.3. Any requests from you for the provision of copies of Your personal data must be made via email to or through PLF’s Electronic Transaction Channels if approved by PLF.

Data Retention Period

PLF will retain Your personal data and other data collected for the duration necessary to resolve any disputes or to comply with our legal obligations, as evaluated by PLF to be of value for the purposes outlined in Article 3.1 of this policy.

General Provisions

8.1. This policy is effective from October 1, 2023. You understand and agree that the policy will be subject to changes and updates at different intervals, and these changes will be communicated to you through PLF’s Electronic Transaction Channels before they take effect.

8.2. If you continue to use the services after being notified of the content changes and updates to the policy at different intervals, it will be considered as Your acceptance of these amendments and updates.

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