Corporate compliance covers both industry and internal policies, along with the laws of a government. This part is essential for any business, regardless of its industry or sector. Enforcing compliance helps to protect your business from legal violations, monetary fines, litigation, and other practices that disrupt operations.

Compliance Detail

Why PLF?

Our customer relationship management (“CRM”) and accounting software allow us to control data and workflows for our corporate compliance and tax advisory services.

  • All data remain available at all time for our Clients.
  • As accounting and tax regulations are sometimes difficult to read and understand, PLF’s team will guide you. Keeping track of the financial situation of the company to protect its “health” is our mission.
  • Thanks to an experienced team in the field of tax and financial consulting, PLF always helps businesses make the right choice for their business situation.
  • As a law firm, we provide more than compliance and accounting services, and we offer our Clients a lawyer’s perspective on each specific case.
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