To successfully recruit a candidate for a desired position, candidates and employers need a channel to approach and learn each other’s needs. A Recruitment Channel is a place where employers attract candidate profiles through job postings, company information, orientation, etc. This can be considered the first step in the recruitment process. Therefore, choosing an effective and efficient recruitment channel is important for investors to save costs and attract good candidates.

In this article, PLF is pleased to summarize some popular recruitment channels in Vietnam for investors.

1. Recruitment websites

The development of information technology has led to recruitment websites being one of the most widely used channels for recruitment, through which, recruiters can attract many and select the best candidates from different locations. To attract candidates through creative online posts, investors may pay a fee for one or more additional services.

Some useful websites: Vietnamworks, Careerbuilder, TopCV, Timviecnhanh, Glints.

2. Headhunter agency

This is a tested recruitment channel, which grows rapidly. The main advantage of using this channel is that headhunter agencies have wide connections in many fields and industries which are useful for recruiters. This method is especially useful for senior management positions recruitment, or for specific job positions which are difficult to recruit through websites. Headhunter agencies also follow up and are responsible until the investor recruits the right candidate.

For the recruitment to be effective, investors need to develop clear and complete criteria on job responsibilities, requirements, proposed salary, and other specific criteria (if any) depending on the job position. However, one disadvantage of this channel is the very high cost of service.

Some suggested agencies: Navigos search, FARO, Glints, First Alliances, Talentnet, HR2B, etc.

3. Company website

Investors can also post job advertisements on the company’s website. However, this channel is effective only for large or prestigious companies with large website traffic, attracting many candidates to apply for the company. Besides, the flexibility in posting and updating recruitment information is an added advantage on this channel.

4. Social media

Previously, this recruitment channel was not widely used due to its limitations. Moreover, social media was historically not recognized as a place to recruit or find a job. However, lately popular social media networks such as Facebook, Zalo or LinkedInare gradually becoming dominant with an increasing user base in Vietnam. The trends also show that there is a greater potential for growth in the future.

Through social networking channels, investor’s recruitment department can learn more about the candidate’s personality and life perspective by viewing their profile. Furthermore, investors can post updates about the products and achievements of the company, strengthening the position and image of the company in the eyes of potential candidates.

A huge advantage of this method is that it is usually economical and easily accessible to a large pool of candidates. Posting job vacancies in occupational groups also makes it easier to reach specific candidates according to the company’s requirements.

5. Internal recruitment – Current employees

For some professions with specific requirements, it could be difficult to find suitable candidates. Hence, investors can consider promoting existing employees or transferring personnel between different departments within the company. This way, companies can retain loyal instead of recruiting new employees.

In order to promote and transfer employees effectively, the company’s human resources department needs to regularly evaluate the working capacity and problem-solving skills of the personnel and consult and consider proposals from the heads of relevant departments. Decisions on the transfer of employees made on such a basis would be reasonable and fair.

6. Career fairs / Event

These events are often posted on university forums, newspapers, public forums, etc. to attract target groups in large numbers, for example:

  • Job fairs for senior students,
  • Job fairs in the food and beverage industry (F&B),
  • Job fairs in industrial parks,

Through these events, employers can directly approach the right candidates in large numbers from the early stages of application submission, and quickly conduct interviews to filter and select suitable candidates.

7. College and university partnerships

For positions that have specific requirements such as Engineering, Law or Culinary Arts, should they not require much experience, investors can partner with educational and training organizations to select potential qualified candidates.

Investors can develop dynamic standards of knowledge, skills, professionalism, and other qualities to search for and select candidates. Concurrently, the training partners can adapt and improve their program to help investors fulfill the actual requirements of the enterprise.

The article is based on laws applicable at the time noted as above and may no longer be appropriate at the time the reader approaches this article as the applicable laws and the specific cases that the reader may wish to apply may have changed. Therefore, the article is for referencing only.


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