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PLF's mission is
to serve and assist Clients for their durable development in Vietnam.
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Simplifying Your Legal Work In Vietnam

With over 15 years in providing legal services, we understand the concerns and expectations of investors on doing business in Vietnam.

To support your business development, we always listen and provide solutions specifically tailored to your needs. Our focus areas include Mergers & Acquisition, Corporate Governance & Compliance, but are not limited to Company Establishment, Accounting & Tax, Human Resources – Administration, etc.

At PLF, we are committed to upholding the highest ethical standards and our 5 core values “Integrity, Attitude, Responsibility, Commitment, Conscience” throughout the client service process.

Core Values



Adhere to and carry out actions in line with agreements.


Diligently support businesses to achieve objectives while optimizing costs.


Approach business needs with respect, poise, and self-assurance.


Maintain consistency between words and actions.


Distinguish right from wrong and pursue the values of truth, goodness, and beauty.


Our History


Focus on M&A advisory services for both buyers and sellers;

Signed MOU with multi agencies on foreign internship programs.

Implemented CRM system to provide services remotely.

Formed partnership with LawPlus. Ltd.

Restructured services and scaled lawyer team to handle complex cases.

Established PLF Law Firm.

Plf Our Firm

Our PLF Team

Our company culture thrives on the diverse talents, backgrounds, and perspectives of our team.

With a spirit of continuous learning, we stay ahead of the curve and are well-equipped to offer comprehensive solutions that address our clients’ most pressing needs with insight, expertise, and adaptability.

Our strong commitment to pro bono work also reflects our belief in using our legal expertise for the betterment of society and making a positive impact.

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