Along with profit goals, enterprises need to ensure compliance and avoid risks. Not having legal officers or a legal-compliance department or only having junior legal officers is too risky for enterprises. Hence, to facilitate enterprises’ access to professional and cost-effective legal solutions, PLF offers the “In-house Counsel Service” also called “Retainer Services” or “Corporate In-house Service” exclusively for businesses. Under this type of services, PLF’s lawyers will act as a separate legal-compliance department and will be responsible for performing legal requests required by the Clients.

Outsource Inhouse Counsel

Why PLF?

Professional standards:

Founded in 2009, PLF Law Firm became one of the most recognized law firms in Vietnam by developing and maintaining the best international standards and practices.

Experienced team:

PLF’s team is made of leading advisors and lawyers always aiming at delivering complete and in-depth legal solutions and possessing excellent skills and robust experience in a wide range of sectors, including consumer & retail, industry, services, IT, technology, and more.


PLF has over the years proven its capacity to deliver effective solutions in a timely manner to ensure our Clients never miss a business opportunity.

Business mindset:

Our members are not only experts in their legal fields, they are also understanding and resolving legal issues from a business perspective.

Transparent fees:

Our fees reflect the quality of the legal services we strive to provide. Our fees’ structures are transparent to enable our Clients to estimate legal costs and make informed decisions.

Regularly honored as a top law firm:

PLF is selected as a notable law firm by IFRL1000, Asialaw, and Legal500 in major areas of practice, including M&A, Banking and Finance, Industry and Manufacturing.

What is Outsource In-house Counsel service?

In-house Counsel service also called Corporate In-house Counsel (CIC) service or Retainer service is designed to support daily business operations and transactions. The legal team of PLF will be side by side with Clients as a legal – compliance department to provide advice and solutions.

Our appointed legal team includes lawyers and legal experts having experience in different fields. Each request will be transferred to the person who has the corresponding experience. This is an optimal legal solution as it enables Clients to save considerable costs associated with hiring lawyers and maintaining a legal-compliance department.

How we can help:

  • Strategic advisory: Based on the Client’s culture and goals, PLF will advise the leaders e.g. Board of directors, Board of Management, Board of Shareholders, Members’ Council, General Directors, CEO, COO, CFO, ect. on the strategies that should be adopted in accordance with law;
  • Restructuring: PLF will advise Clients on their current corporate structures and ensure the business restructuring complies with laws;
  • Advisory: PLF will advise on concerns, questions, and issues arising from business operations in Vietnam by offering practical solutions;
  • Documents revision: PLF will examine, review, comment and adjust directly the documents required for the business transactions, including orders, contracts, and their appendices, agreements, statements, minutes of acceptance, liquidation agreements, and other documents related to business operations;
  • Compliance: PLF will monitor and advise on compliance matters to maximize the legal protection for Clients;
  • Internal control: PLF will review internal documents such as company charter, internal rules, and regulations (ex: salary, bonus, work), labor regulations, meeting minutes, decisions and authorization letters, etc;
  • Regulatory update: PLF will keep track of the new legal regulations related to the Clients’ activities and update them on the latest law;
  • Provision of forms: PLF will provide clients with forms issued by state agencies.

How to proceed?

  • Kick-off meeting: PLF will hold a kickoff meeting to discuss the best flows and methods, responsibilities, and roles of our legal experts.
  • Collection of information and documents: PLF will identify and collect documents, licenses, regulations, and policies of Clients in Vietnam;
  • Direct consulting: Direct meetings with our team to clarify our Clients’ requirements, targets, and concerns of Clients;
  • Indirect consulting: PLF will evaluate and analyze questions, research and check legal regulations, existing agreements, communication, and other related information to propose our legal opinions and solutions. PLF will advise clients via email and telephone;
  • Follow up: After providing advisory or reviewed documents, PLF continuously follows up to answer questions via email, phone, e-meetings, or direct meetings to ensure the problems are completely resolved;
  • Tracking system: PLF will provide a CRM account so our Clients can monitor the legal services and procedures.

Most Frequent Questions & Answers

Finding expert guidance in our FAQs section, which address common concerns and provide insights into corporate legal, accounting, and secretarial matters.

Registering a 100% foreign-owned company in Vietnam is possible. However, foreign investment is subject to regulatory limitations applied on each specific business sector.

In most cases, investors shall implement the following steps to establish a company:

Step 1: Obtaining an Investment Registration Certificate, abbreviated IRC (if any non-Vietnamese investors).

Step 2: Obtaining an Enterprise Registration Certificate, abbreviated ERC or BRC for Business Registration Certificate.

The company is established but the following steps are required for regulatory compliance:

Step 3: Post establishment procedures.

Step 4: Obtaining sub-licenses (if any).

IRC stands for Investment Registration Certificate which shall be obtained (in most cases) when a foreign investor wants to set up a project (such as establishing a company) in Vietnam at the beginning.

ERC stands for the Enterprise Registration Certificate which every company in Vietnam must have. In other jurisdiction it is sometimes referred to as the “Incorporation Certificate” or “Company Certificate”.

Joint Stock Company (“JSC“) and Limited Liability Company (“LLC“) are the most common types of company in Vietnam since they offer the following advantages:

  • Limitation in liabilities of their shareholders/ members/ proportionate to their capital contribution;
  • Flexible management structure;
  • Conversion from JSC to LLC and conversely is possible.

In general, there is no minimum capital required by law when registering a company in Vietnam. Only some conditional business sectors such as real estate trading, banking or education have specific capital requirements.

However, the capital shall be sufficient in light of the intended business sectors and scale of operation.

For non-conditional business sectors, we usually need from 6 to 8 weeks to setup a foreign-invested company and 1 week for a Vietnamese-invested one.

However, especially for foreign-owned companies, the time can be extended due to various reasons such as additional requirements from the licensing authorities.

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