Ms. Banh Anh Nguyen (Mia) is currently the Admin-HR Manager at PLF and works at the office in Ho Chi Minh City.

Prior to joining PLF, she worked for a long time in foreign businesses, mainly in job-roles of recruiting, organizing, managing personnel directly, developing salary and bonus policies and supervising the compliance of the administrative affairs of the company with state agencies.

She joined PLF in early 2018 and is currently in charge of assisting domestic and foreign clients with matters related to labor management, administration and salary.

Professional Expertise

With many years of direct experience in managing administrative, human resource and salary jobs and labor-management in foreign companies operating in many fields, Ms. Nguyen understands the importance of administrative work and personnel policy affecting the development of the company.

So, her skillful application of practical experience and cultural understanding helps businesses with foreign workers manage and balance the interests of investors and employees well, avoiding internal conflicts that affect normal business activities of the enterprise.

Notable Cases

  • Advised and acted to help a company with 100% Japanese investment, operating in the field of software, build an internal administrative management system and criteria for evaluating labor quality.
  • Assumed responsibility in leading on behalf of Thailand investors to supervise the compliance of the subsidiary in Vietnam with administrative tasks to be done with the competent authority.
  • Directly supervised the compliance with the authorities with administrative tasks of many foreign companies’ clients in Vietnam, from investment reports to labor agencies and state bank, etc.
  • Advised and acted to help a client who is a Japanese-invested company to set up the process of recruitment, training and human resource management in accordance with ISO standards and still ensure compliance with internal regulations of the investor.
  • Assumed the main executive position in many projects between PLF and foreign-invested clients in building an internal management system of clients from processes, forms and ways of cross-departmental monitoring to a company risk management contingency mode.


Bachelor of Business Administration, Ho Chi Minh City Open University


  • Vietnamese
  • English

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