As technology develops, along with non-fungible tokens (‘NFTs’), the digital universe ‘Metaverse’ has been one of the most explored new technology trends for more than a year. The Metaverse will mimic the real world and we will be able to do anything that we can already do in real life and much more.

While we don’t yet know if the Metaverse will be as successful as hoped, the development of the Metaverse, NFTs or the crypto economy poses a lot of new legal problems for every legislator in the world, including Vietnam. As it is a huge concept—a virtual universe – the Metaverse also contains many complex legal issues that are superior to other technology concepts. This is understandable because essential elements that form the Metaverse, like NFTs or cryptocurrency, have contained many legal problems and challenges for both legislators and legal consulting firms.

The legal challenges for Vietnam will be discussed in this [article] (pg. 29-34).

The article is based on laws applicable at the time noted as above and may no longer be appropriate at the time the reader approaches this article as the applicable laws and the specific cases that the reader may wish to apply may have changed. Therefore, the article is for referencing only.


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